Named Person: Wave of legal actions now expected

The Scottish Government is facing a wave of court actions for years of intrusion into family life, after its Named Person scheme was declared illegal by Supreme Court judges.

Although the nationwide roll-out was due to begin next month, pilot schemes have been operating since 2010.

Campaigners against the Named Person plans said families affected can seek to secure financial compensation from the Government and other public bodies for a “gross invasion of their human rights”.


Simon Calvert, spokesman for the NO2NP group, gave examples of parents who used a Subject Access Request to find out what information is held about them.

An academic found that a 60-page dossier had been created on his family which contained comments on one of his children who sucked his thumb, a reference to a baby with nappy rash and a child with a runny nose.

A mother obtained a 120-page dossier which revealed that officials had been mis-recording information about her, portraying her as an ‘unfit’ parent.

Big Brother

Mr Calvert said: “We have no idea what else may be held on file.

“Parents really should consider finding out so they can challenge anything which has been drawn up by those behind this Big Brother scheme.

… families will now have the opportunity to go down the legal route


“Only then will they know what has been said about them behind their backs.”

Struck down

Mr Calvert said that in the light of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, “families will now have the opportunity to go down the legal route and seek to secure financial compensation for this gross invasion of their human rights”.

The Court’s judgment unanimously struck down the central provisions of the scheme and gave the Scottish Government no opportunity to appeal.

Discussing next steps, Mr Calvert said the Scottish Government must “immediately suspend” all plans to proceed with the Named Person scheme’s implementation.


He added: “In addition, orders must be given to suspend all Named Person provisions and programmes which are being undertaken at present in the pilot areas all over Scotland where this scheme has been operating for some time.

“They have been operating under a false premise since the inception.

“Everything to do with the Named Person scheme must be halted and reversed.”


He noted that the Scottish Government had already spent more than £60 million on the Getting It Right For Every Child policy – which includes the Named Person scheme.

“That money cannot be brought back but what they must do now is focus on those who need help most – the children who are vulnerable and at risk and who need the help of every service the state can offer.”

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