Named Person slammed as ‘intrusive nonsense’

A senior council leader has spoken out against the Named Person scheme, saying it is parents who are best at looking after their children.

Alisdair Rhind, Deputy Leader of Highland Council, said the Government should back off its controversial plans – due to come into force in August.

Under the proposals, every child in Scotland would be assigned a Named Person to monitor their wellbeing.

Family life

Highland Council was the first local authority to trial the scheme and has been held up by the Scottish Government as the benchmark for the national state guardian roll out.

But Rhind described the scheme as “intrusive nonsense”.

“It’s an intrusion of government into family life. The government is way off the mark. The best people to look after children are their parents”, he said.


Rhind added: “This government are wanting to intrude into people’s personal lives and be dictators to people and we can’t have that, really.

“They should back off that scheme.”

A legal case against the plans is currently being considered by the UK Supreme Court.

The Christian Institute is spearheading the legal action, along with CARE, TYMES Trust and the Family Education Trust.


Judges will deliver their verdict in the coming weeks and have the power to put a halt to the legislation.

If you live in Scotland and are over the age of 16 you can sign NO2NP’s petition against the plans.

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