Muslim leaders want same gay marriage exemption as CofE

Muslim leaders are calling for the same gay marriage exemptions as currently proposed for the Church of England.

Last week, equalities minister Maria Miller announced that churches and faith groups would be able to “opt-in” to perform same-sex marriages, but that this would be illegal for the Church of England.

The Muslim Council of Britain has now claimed the proposals are “utterly discriminatory”.


Farooq Murad, secretary general of the Council, said his organisation had clearly opposed the Government’s plans, and so it is unfair for only the Church of England to receive the legal exemption.

He said: “No one in their right mind should accept such a discriminatory law.”

He added: “It should be amended to give exactly the same exemption to all the religions.”


The Muslim Council of Britain said it is seeking an urgent meeting with Maria Miller to discuss an amendment to the legislation.

Mrs Miller announced the results of the consultation on same-sex marriage in the House of Commons last week.

She claimed a “quadruple lock” would prevent faith groups being legally compelled to perform gay marriages.

The Government is now set to bring forward a Bill on same-sex marriage in January.

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