Muslim group: March in UK cities for Sharia

A radical Muslim group wants to hold a series of marches in British cities calling for Sharia law to be implemented throughout the UK.

The group, Islam4UK, is fronted by Anjem Choudary.

While publicising the march he called on the Queen and other prominent British figures to become Muslims.

Watch Mr Choudary’s speech

Islam4UK is planning to march on 31 October from the House of Commons to Downing Street and on to Trafalgar Square.

The group says the march will attract “tourists and members of the public” along the route.

Other marches may follow the London demonstration with Birmingham reportedly being lined up next.

Islam4UK said: “We hereby request all Muslims in the United Kingdom, in Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Glasgow and all other places to join us and collectively declare that as submitters to Almighty Allah, we have had enough of democracy and man-made law and the depravity of the British culture.

“On this day we will call for a complete upheaval of the British ruling system, its members and legislature, and demand the full implementation of Sharia in Britain.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “We have received an application for the march but we have yet to meet with the organisers.”

Mr Choudary has previously mocked the deaths of British soldiers, calling a homecoming parade a “vile parade of brutal murderers”.

Recently Mr Choudary attempted to promote the march in an internet video where he called on the political leaders of the country to turn to Islam.

He said: “We invite everyone from the Queen, to the ministers, to the Parliament, from the aristocracy, to the ordinary person in Britain to embrace Islam as a way of life, as a belief.”

He added: “Save yourself and your children in this life from misery and prepare them for a great destiny in the hereafter, paradise”.

He went on to say: “Britain does not need a change of leader, it needs a revolution, indeed it needs an Islamic revolution.”