Mum’s inspiring video on why she didn’t abort son

A mother has made an inspirational video about her love for her son, who was born with no eyes, and why she refused to abort him.

Lacey Buchanan’s boy – called Christian – has a rare and severe type of cleft lip and palate. Such a condition occurs when parts of the face do not fully fuse together.

In her incredible video Mrs Buchanan says “anyone who meets Christian falls in love with him pretty quickly”.

Mrs Buchanan, a Christian, shared her moving story partly because she wanted to give hope to parents in similar positions.


She told a newspaper: “My biggest point with the video was that he deserves life, and he deserves everything that I am going to give him.

“I was hoping to inspire other parents who are in a situation where they found out that their child may be disabled and they are dealing with the question of whether or not to give a disabled child life.

“I wanted to just give them a little hope that it is hard at times, but there are happy times too, and the happy times so outweigh the hard times.”


The video shows Mrs Buchanan telling of the ups and downs of the previous years – while all the time holding Christian with his back to the camera.

She tells of marrying her sweetheart, Chris, and then the joy of finding out she was pregnant. But this was followed by the heartbreak of learning that something was wrong with their baby.

Mrs Buchanan explained that later she suffered with people whispering behind her back about Christian. One person even said she was “horrible” for not aborting her son.


But Mrs Buchanan said that when people would stare, “Christian would start giggling” and then “they would giggle too”.

She ends the video by telling of her love for Christian, and then turning him around for all to see.

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