Mum’s ‘biggest blessing’ after rejecting ‘abortion lie’

An American woman has spoken of how she chose life for her unborn child after a nurse in an abortion clinic told her: “You are not getting an abortion today”.

Amy Ford says that the decision she took that day ended up being the “biggest blessing” that she and her husband could receive.

Now she is part of a pro-life organisation called Embrace Grace which provides “emotional, practical and spiritual support for single, young women who find themselves in an unintended pregnancy”.

Abortion ‘lie

In an article published on LifeSite, Amy shared how she grew up in a Christian home and knew with all her heart that abortion was wrong.

However, after she became pregnant she was consumed by fear and “believed the lie that abortion was the only way”.

She added: “I didn’t see how it was possible to move forward with a pregnancy just to shame my family and disappoint everyone that I loved.”

Not today

Amazingly, it was a visit to the abortion clinic which led to her keeping her baby.

Amy fainted when she was inside and was helped up by two nurses, one of whom told her she should come back another day.

She said: “In that moment, we decided to choose life. We decided to look fear in the face and confront this challenge in front of us.

Biggest blessing

“We decided to be brave and tell our family and loved ones what happened and that our lives would never be the same.

“Little did we know looking forward, this challenge would end up being the biggest blessing that we could have ever received.”

The mother added: “Now, 16 years later, we are blessed with four children that we love so much and a love between my husband and I that will last a lifetime.”

She concluded: “And I look up to God and thank Him for the blessings he has given us.”

Choose Life

Measures designed to protect unborn children have been introduced in several US states in recent weeks.

Some of the measures call for mandatory waiting periods which would give women more time to reflect on their decision to have an abortion and change their mind.

To hear more stories of people whose lives have been affected by abortion, visit The Christian Institute’s Choose Life page.

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