Mum with brain tumour chooses life for unborn child

A mum in the US advised to abort her unborn child after a brain tumour diagnosis, has spoken of her decision to keep her baby.

At 20 weeks’ gestation with her second child, Tasha Kann was told she had a rare form of brain cancer and that her best chance of survival was to have an abortion and begin with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In October, Tasha gave birth to Gracey – a healthy baby girl – having decided to continue with her pregnancy. She also refused any treatment that might harm the unborn child.


Reflecting on her diagnosis in June 2022, Tasha said: “I didn’t know what really to think. I guess in my mind, brain cancer, I thought I would die.”

The registered nurse from Oscoda County in Michigan added, “I thought I would just keep my baby alive” and “go home and fight it”.

Tasha and her husband Taylor recently received news that the cancer has spread from her central nervous system and there are no further options for treatment.

But Tasha remains positive: “They’re actually surprised to see that I’m walking and talking and living a normal life.” Despite a poor prognosis, she said: “I’m not giving up. I won’t.”

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