Mum of twins: I wouldn’t change my baby with Down’s syndrome

A mother who gave birth to twins – one of whom has Down’s syndrome – is now helping to reverse negative stereotypes about the condition.

Nicola and Todd Bailey, from Sheffield, were surprised to find out they were having twins at the 12-week scan – with the Down’s diagnosis revealed at birth.

Nicola explained: “All I really remember is the doctor saying ‘I’m sorry’”, but, “as soon as I saw them both my heart just melted”.

‘No different’

She is setting out to dispel negative attitudes about the condition, saying: “I don’t see Harper as any different to my other children and would not change her for the world.

“You do see people staring at her and it’s hard at times as the perception of Down’s syndrome can be so negative.

“We get comments like ‘oh is she a Down’s baby’ or ‘I know a Down’s girl’. She’s not a Down’s baby, she’s a baby with Down’s syndrome.”

“I’m really not sorry. Harper is perfect I would not change her”, she concluded.

All humans valuable

Currently in England, the NHS is set to roll out a pre-natal test which critics fear will lead to an increase in abortions for babies with Down’s syndrome.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing is claimed to be 98 per cent accurate in diagnosing Down’s and other genetic conditions and is expected to be made available by NHS England later this year.

Ciarán Kelly, Deputy Director at The Christian Institute, has said that the test “has its roots in the idea that some people’s lives have no value”.

“All human beings are made in the image of God and have a special, intrinsic, value regardless of how young, or how old, able bodied or disabled that life might be”.

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