Mum tells Irish politician ‘educate yourself’ on abortion regret

A mother-of-three has lambasted an Irish politician for claiming that abortion regret does not exist.

In a recent debate in the Irish Parliament, two politicians proposed a pro-life amendment to the Government’s abortion Bill.

Carol Nolan and Paedar Tóibín said they represented citizens who have experienced abortion regret, but Lisa Chambers retorted: “Abortion regret is a makey-uppy thing, and it does not exist”.

“go and educate yourself”

‘I suffered’

Patricia Gaughran took to Facebook to express her anger at the politician’s denial.

In a video, she said: “I am absolutely disgusted and so angry that you can dismiss women like me and thousands of other women out there who have suffered with depression, with anxiety, from suicide, drink, drugs, hospital stays – like me.

“I have suffered. I’ve been in hospital after my abortion twice from trying to end my own life because I could not live without my child.

“I’ve suffered from the last thirteen years with anxiety and depression. Are you telling me that my symptoms, that my abortion story, that what I’ve suffered was a ‘makey-uppy’ thing?”

‘Go educate yourself’

Gaughran said she made the video to explain to women that abortion does have long-lasting effects and that those who choose to end the life of their child will suffer as a result.

In a barb at Chambers, she said she thought the politician to be uneducated, “because you have no idea what abortion does to a woman.

“I suggest you go and educate yourself on what it does to women.”

She said she hoped Chambers would see the video and apologise for her comments, but added she wouldn’t hold her breath, because the politician seems to have no interest in listening to pro-lifers.


Spokeswoman for Life Institute Niamh Uí Bhriain said Chambers should apologise for her “appalling remarks”, and her attempt to “dismiss and silence the many thousands of women who have suffered regret”.

Bernadette Goulding of Women Hurt, a group for women who have had abortions, said Chambers should have thought twice before making “such an ignorant statement”.

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