Mum ‘so happy’ after refusing abortion for daughter

A mother who refused an abortion after being told her unborn child had a serious condition has now spoken of her joy at her daughter’s life.

Michelle Cannon rejected an abortion for her daughter, Faith, who was diagnosed with a condition where fluid was crushing her lungs.

Consultant obstetrician Roobin Jokhi performed an operation in the womb which drained the fluid, and he said the medical team was delighted after everything went smoothly.

No giving up

Michelle, from Doncaster, said: “There was no way we were going to give up on her.

“When doctors told us there was a chance they could save her life while still in the womb, it was a scary thought. But we knew that was her only hope of survival.”

It was at Michelle’s 20-week scan that she was told her unborn child had a condition called non-immune hydrops.


However Jokhi agreed to carry out the operation on Faith in Michelle’s womb.

Michelle was awake for the whole 30-minute procedure which involved a tiny tube being inserted into the baby’s chest.

She said: “It was terrifying but the operation was declared a success.”

“The doctor inserted a long needle into my stomach and it went straight through my uterus and into Faith’s chest.”


After being born at 38 weeks, and weighing 8lb 4oz, Faith was kept in hospital for a week but five months later she is home and doing well.

Quote Michelle Cannon

Jokhi explained that “over time the fluid in the chest receded, as did the fluid in her abdominal cavity and the lungs slowly reinflated, giving her a chance to have normal functioning lungs at birth.

“Faith was delivered in good condition. We were all delighted.”

Happy baby

Michelle says Faith is progressing well: “She’s breathing on her own and developing well. She’s such a happy baby.”

“We’re just so happy and grateful to have her in our lives”, she added.

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