Rape victim chooses life for her ‘beauty in the disaster’

A young woman who was raped but decided to choose life for her baby has shared her inspiring story in a new video.

In an interview with Choice42, a Canadian pro-life organisation, Louise explained that she had been raped by someone she knew, but out of the trauma she found healing.

“I decided to choose life, because I wasn’t going to let an innocent life pay for one man’s intent to hurt me”, she said.

Beating heart

She continued: “When people say that abortion is needed in case of rape, I feel that is very unfair. If your body has already started to create life, undoing the process seems very detrimental”, Louise said.

“I also knew in my heart that there’s already a heart beating, there’s already a life there, and for me to go and intentionally take away someone’s chance at life, that wouldn’t sit well with me for the rest of my life.”

“Not every disaster has to bring traumatic pain”, she said. “It can actually bring about beauty if you look for beauty in the disaster. So she’s my beauty.”

She concluded: “What I would say to a woman who has just found out she was pregnant as a result of rape, is that there is hope.”

Choose life

Choice42’s Director Laura Klassen said they filmed Louise’s story to show women they are strong enough to choose life for their children.

“People always use rape as one of the main reasons for why women ‘need’ abortion”, she said.

In Canada abortion is permitted on any grounds, up to birth.


Klassen lamented: “Abortion is government funded and our society pushes abortion as the best option for a woman dealing with an unintended pregnancy.”

“We know the harm abortion causes babies and women, and we are dedicated to promoting life options”, she added.

Watch the powerful story of Gary, conceived by rape, who is so grateful his mother chose life for him:

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