Mum has healthy baby after doctors advised her to abort

A couple who went against medical opinion and twice refused an abortion before switching hospitals are now the proud parents of a healthy baby boy.

Even though doctors gave up on baby Kai’s chances of survival and advised he be aborted, his parents never gave up on him.

Scans showed a life-threatening heart condition and also the possibility of a rare genetic disease – Edwards Syndrome.

Gaynor and Lee Purdy were urged to consider an abortion after each scan but are glad they never went through with the abortion.

Baby Kai is now ten months old and weighs just 14lb but his parents say he is happy and healthy.

Mrs Purdy said: “Little Kai is perfect.”

She continued: “We refused to give up on him and decided throughout the pregnancy that as long as he was fighting, we would continue fighting with him.

“It is a complete horror to think he may not be here with us.

“I am so glad we stuck by our guns and, although we did listen to what consultants told us along the way – we decided to do what we wanted to do for our baby.”

Scans carried out 48 hours after Kai’s birth showed the heart problem was somehow correcting itself resulting in a healthy baby.

Earlier tests carried out just before Kai was born had already proved he was clear of any signs of a rare genetic disorder originally suggested by doctors.

Mrs Purdy said: “We never once considered we could go through an abortion. It was never even an option for us.”

She added: “Family and friends often remark on what life would be like if we’d listened to the doctors’ advice.

“But when we look at our happy and smiling little baby boy we can’t be angry at anyone.

“We wanted the doctors’ full and honest opinions so we could be fully prepared for all outcomes.”

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