Mum had cancer when she was pregnant – and refused abortion

A woman who was diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant and refused to have an abortion has been nominated in a Mum of the Year competition in Canada.

Maria Pitman was told as a child she could not have children herself after being diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer.

But after 25 years of good health, and while pregnant with her seventh child, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.


The mum refused to have an abortion and now has been put up for a Mum of the Year award.

One of her children, Jocelyn, wrote: “We are blessed to have her, now cancer free and my little sister is perfectly healthy.

“My mom is absolutely amazing, always putting us first while encouraging others with her story, positive attitude and being an example of God’s love.”


The prize is run by supermarket chain Walmart Canada, with the winner receiving a $100,000 donation for a cause or charity as well as $10,000 for herself.

The eight finalists will be notified next month.

Earlier this year a mum made an inspirational video about her love for her son, who was born with no eyes, and why she refused to abort him.


Lacey Buchanan’s boy – called Christian – has a rare and severe type of cleft lip and palate.

Mrs Buchanan shared her story partly because she wanted to give hope to parents in similar positions.

And last year a woman from Norwich revealed that she was advised to abort her baby at 16 weeks but went on to give birth to a healthy boy.

One per cent

Laura Hill was told that her baby had only a one per cent chance of living. But she ignored medical advice to abort and later gave birth to Charlie.

The mum explained: “I said one per cent is still a chance he could live and I didn’t want to give up on my baby”.

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