Mum chose life after watching Christian Super Bowl ad

A mother resisted pressure to have an abortion after watching a pro-life advert that aired at the biggest sporting event in America.

Susan Wood went to watch the 2010 Super Bowl – American football’s showpiece event – on TV at a friend’s house after telling her boyfriend that she was pregnant.

He was furious and urged her to have an abortion, but the 30-second commercial from pro-family charity Focus on the Family started her on the road to changing her mind.

Truly cared

Susan went home where she watched the advert again and contacted Focus on the Family about her situation.

The charity replied with support and guidance and from that moment on she decided to keep her baby.

Avita Grace was born in September 2010 and Focus on the Family continued to show love. Speaking to a magazine, Susan said: “I was shocked that they cared so much”.

She added: “They kept in contact with me the whole time. I knew — no matter what — there were people who truly cared about me and the baby. That meant everything to me.”


The powerful advert featured prominent American footballer Tim Tebow, and his mother Pam.

She was advised to abort Tim while she was living as a missionary in the Philippines, but rejected the doctors’ advice.

Susan said that she was ready to be critical when she watched the advert: “I wanted to bash this horrible ‘anti-choice’ commercial.

“But as we watched, everyone agreed that it was a positive commercial with an encouraging message — not one of judgment or condemnation.”

So grateful

Now Susan says that she could not imagine life any other way.

She told Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family magazine: “I think about the commercial, Tim Tebow and the people from Focus daily”.

She concludes: “I am so grateful. If there hadn’t been a Super Bowl commercial, if I hadn’t been at the party, if someone had responded to my email in a different way …

“I will never be able to express the gratitude and love that I feel.”

The original 2010 Super Bowl advert can be accessed through Focus on the Family’s site.

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