Mum: ‘Abortion was never an option for us’

The parents of a little girl diagnosed with a rare birth defect and given a low chance of survival have said abortion was “never an option” for them.

Jim and Sharlotte Grote, from North Dakota USA, were told their daughter Isabella was unlikely to survive out of the womb and that if she did, she would be severely disabled.

At a 20 week scan she was diagnosed with encephalocele, a condition which causes part of the brain to grow outside the skull.

Not an option

Distraught, Sharlotte began making inquiries at a funeral home saying, “we prepared ourselves for the worst”.

But the mother said abortion was “never an option”, adding “if I could spend just a few minutes with my little girl I would be happy”.

Baby Isabella arrived one month early and at three days old, doctors were able to operate and place the external part of her brain back inside her skull.


She has just celebrated her fourth birthday, is walking, talking and loves going to school.

Sharlotte added: “We feel truly blessed to have our beautiful little girl with us today. She has been through more than most people have to go through in a lifetime.

“She is just like any other four year old, she loves playing with her dolls and is so loving and caring. She is such a fighter!”

Choose life

The Christian Institute’s Choose Life series includes the story of Bonnie and Phil Walker.

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Their baby girl Grace was born with serious health issues and only survived for 15 minutes outside the womb.

But the couple say that it was “15 minutes of pure love” and that they are grateful to God for the time they were able to spend with her. To hear about more people who chose life, visit our Choose Life page.

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