MSP attacked for backing traditional marriage

A senior MSP has been targeted in a “depressingly” predictable attack just because she supports traditional marriage.

Elaine Smith, a deputy presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament, recently predicted she would be verbally attacked for disagreeing with same-sex marriage.

Now she has become a target for abuse online, particularly on social networking site Twitter.


Mrs Smith said: “I explained that I intended to vote against this bill in tune with the wishes of the majority of my constituents who have contacted me.

“I predicted that in speaking or voting against these proposals, I would undoubtedly be verbally attacked and labelled homophobic. That prediction seems to be coming depressingly true.”

She added: “It is astonishing that a politician cannot represent the views of their constituents without being vilified and subjected to personal attacks.


“Speaking against the redefinition of marriage in modern Scotland, sadly, leads to verbal attacks which seem to be an attempt to try to shut down debate and intimidate opponents.”

Mrs Smith, the Labour MSP for Coatbridge and Chryston, challenged supporters of same-sex marriage to “make their rhetoric reality by confirming I am entitled to my view and, indeed, to represent the views of the majority of constituents who have contacted me”.

Scotland for Marriage says it is vital the Government amend their gay marriage proposals to defend the freedoms of those who disagree with the plans.


A spokesman for the group said: “It’s such a shame that some people seem unable to have a reasonable and respectful debate about this important issue.

“The name-calling, intolerance and hostility against people who believe in traditional marriage shows the Scottish Government must do much more to protect civil liberty.”

Scotland for Marriage currently has close to 50,000 supporters who have signed a petition against Alex Salmond’s plans to redefine marriage.