MPs speak out against NI abortion

Politicians have hit out at the liberalisation of abortion law in Northern Ireland.

MPs said that “many thousands” of people in the Province had been ignored.

Last year, Westminster politicians voted to repeal Northern Ireland’s strong protections for women and unborn children despite widespread public opposition.

Values life

In her maiden speech in the House of Commons, Carla Lockhart MP said: “I want a society in Northern Ireland that values life, and I want to see services that will help women choose life.”

She added: “Help us create a culture of choosing life, as opposed to killing an innocent little baby”.

“Help us create a culture of choosing life, as opposed to killing an innocent little baby”.

The SNP’s Dr Lisa Cameron expressed her concerns about the impact of the abortion regulations on families with Down’s syndrome children.

Abortion on demand

Jim Shannon MP said that the radical changes ‘undermined devolution’.

He said: “Some 20,000 people – rich and poor, Protestant and Catholic, young and old – stood together at Stormont, rising above political opinion, religious divide and any other consideration, to beg this place not to do this awful thing.”

He added that “abortion on demand taking place every two minutes night and day” is “not what we need in Northern Ireland”.

‘Deeply concerned’

Conservative MP Fiona Bruce referred to the Government’s consultation, which closed in December. She said she was “deeply concerned” by the abortion framework that may be proposed by the Northern Ireland Office.

She also asked whether the right of clinicians to conscientiously object to abortion treatment would be respected.

The MPs were debating the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019 ahead of the reintroduction of the Stormont Assembly.

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