MP wants child of ‘royal gay marriage’ to get crown

A child of a ‘royal gay marriage’ should be an heir to the throne, even if the child is not genetically connected to the royal line, an MP says.

Labour MP Paul Flynn wanted to change the Succession to the Crown Bill so that an adopted child or one conceived using insemination would become monarch.

Mr Flynn told The Sunday Times: “The amendment is to future-proof the legislation to ensure that every conceivable situation is catered for.


“The legislation will guide and protect future generations of royals from unexpected conflict and discrimination”, he said.

In March last year Peter Bone MP warned of the constitutional implications of marriage being redefined.

Mr Bone said if same-sex marriage is allowed, a lesbian Queen could reign on the throne with a Queen consort.


This would put the monarch’s role as Supreme Governor of the Church of England at risk, sparking a constitutional crisis.

He also warned that a homosexual monarch who conceived a child by sperm donor or surrogate would raise further questions, as the donor would have a right to a peerage and could gain regal rights.

Speaking about the same-sex marriage plans, Mr Bone said the Government seems “to be rushing this through without thinking of the broader implications”.