MP reiterates that ‘sex matters’ in face of self-ID push

A Conservative MP has reiterated the importance of biological sex and warned how the push for self-ID harms women.

Writing in The Times, Jackie Doyle-Price said the current prevalence of Stonewall’s transgender ideology in women’s prisons, health and sports means institutions are failing to properly apply the Equality Act.

Stonewall received nearly £2m in grants from the taxpayer between September 2019 and March 2021.

Vulnerable women

Doyle-Price, who sits on Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee, said the move to record and house offenders on the basis of ‘self-declared’ sex had led to a surge in sex offences “said to be committed by women”, which “is skewing our crime data in a dangerous way”.

She added that “most women in prison are extremely vulnerable so the last thing they need is to be forced to share accommodation with male sex offenders”.

On women’s sport, the Thurrock MP argued: “It is an unarguable fact that male and female physiology is somewhat different. Males who have gone through puberty have more muscular strength than women, which is why women have their own sports categories.

“Allowing male athletes to self-declare as a woman in full knowledge that it would become easier to win trophies would obviously ruin sport and undermine the talent and work ethic of the many brilliant sportswomen around the world.”

Health ‘at risk’

Doyle-Price also stressed how Stonewall’s agenda is “literally putting people’s health at risk”, with decisions such as recording preferred gender instead of biological sex on medical records and placing men in women’s hospital wards.

Criticising the lobby group’s influence, she wrote: “In the pursuit of becoming diversity champions, government departments have fallen over themselves to show how inclusive they are according to Stonewall’s political agenda.”

Stonewall’s agenda is literally putting people’s health at risk

The MP concluded: “Our job as law makers isn’t to simply listen to the voices of those who make the most noise. Our job is to apply judgement to the evidence before us and to ensure that the laws we make solve real problems while causing no harm.”


Taxpayers’ money accounted for around 17 per cent of Stonewall funding between September 2019 and March 2021.

By far the biggest contributor was the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which gave £765,061 to the controversial lobby group in the eighteen months up to March 2021.

During the same period the Welsh Government gave grants totalling £236,529, the Scottish Government £150,000, and NHS Scotland £47,380 to Stonewall for its ‘charitable activities’ during the same period.

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