MP: Christianity is seen as fair game for abuse in UK

Christianity is seen to be fair game for criticism and abuse while Islam receives special protection, an MP has said.

David Simpson warned ministers earlier this week that they need only “look to our own back door” to witness the mistreatment of Christians.

He said: “In the United Kingdom, the policy seems to be that people can do whatever they like against Christianity — criticise it or blaspheme the name of Christ — as long as they do not insult Islam.


“It is sad because this country is based on civil and religious liberty for all. When Queen Victoria was on the throne, the secret behind England’s greatness was its open scriptures and open Bible.

“Today, that policy is being hammered into the ground, and that concerns me greatly for the years and months that lie ahead.”

The Democratic Unionist politician made his comments during a debate in Westminster Hall about the treatment of Christians around the world.


The MP, who represents Upper Bann in Northern Ireland, called upon the Government and all Members of Parliament to use their influence to oppose the persecution of Christians in other countries.

He said: “There is a rising tide of affliction that is swelling around Christians across the world.

“This nation and this Parliament should be more to the fore in the campaign against that and for civil and religious liberty.”


Earlier this year the head of a European think tank warned that churchgoers in Europe were “heading for a bloodless persecution” at the hands of secularists.

Dr Gudrun Kugler cautioned that, while it would be wrong to compare “injustices” in Europe to those in North Korea, India or Pakistan, religious freedom here is nevertheless a “hard-won achievement”.

And, warning that “advocates” were needed to keep religious freedom alive, she called on church leaders and church attenders to “speak out more clearly and boldly when they see religious freedom being undermined”.

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