MP attacks ‘absurd’ gender-neutral uniform policy

Maria Caulfield MP has described her local school’s decision to force girls to wear trousers as “political correctness gone mad”.

Priory School Lewes in East Sussex has said that its new gender-neutral policy is now compulsory for all students.

Hundreds of pupils and parents have voiced opposition to the plans.


The school said the policy catered for transgender pupils.

But other pupils say they should have the choice to wear skirts and have launched a series of protests.

A year 11 student’s petition objecting to the new policy has gained almost 400 signatures.


Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes, said that she was “very disturbed” by a video of school authorities stopping girls at the school gates because they were wearing skirts and involving the police.

Caulfield added: “This is not how we should be treating the young women of Lewes.”

“This is an absurd waste of school and police resources, and it is political correctness gone mad.”

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Toby Young criticised the lack of common sense shown by the school’s leadership.

Virtue signalling

He said that “it seems absurd to introduce an entirely new uniform so the tiny fraction of children who are transgender can avoid potential embarrassment”.

He added that schools are going “too far” in order to virtue signal “how compliant they are with this new progressive orthodoxy”.

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