Mothers dismayed at high heels for babies

High heels aimed at baby girls have been criticised by mothers as a new low in the seemingly endless ‘sexualisation’ of infants.

The ‘Heelarious’ high heels, which come in a range of designs including patent pink and zebra print, are intended for babies aged up to six months.

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The US manufacturer describes them as bringing “fun, hilarity and glamour”, but parents have reacted with disgust.

A mother of two, Claire Aldwood, says the shoes make sexual objects of children. “They’re making them look like little women – and loose little women at that. Why do these designers want our children to grow up so quickly?”

Michele Elliot, founder of children’s charity Kidscape, said the heels were “ludicrous”.

She added: “They are not cute or cuddly. It is absolutely disgusting to market them for babies.

“Parents should let babies be babies.

“It’s completely ludicrous for any parent to consider buying them for their children.”

A mother of an eight-month-old baby was outraged at the shoes, saying: “These shoes are completely inappropriate and unnecessary.

“Babies have very soft bones at that age and their feet are still growing. They shouldn’t be wearing shoes anyway, let alone something this overtly sexual.”

This is not the first time critics have come out against the ‘sexualisation’ of youngsters.

In July this year a report was published by The Mental Health Foundation and Girlguiding UK. It said young girls were under stress because of pressure to wear adult clothes and engage in early sexual activity.

They concluded that “premature sexualisation and pressure to grow up too quickly” is affecting young girls’ mental health.