Mother threatened by social services over trans concerns

A mother has spoken out after she was told her daughter could be taken into care when she complained her child was being “encouraged” to change sex.

The anonymous mum, known as Lisa, told the Mail on Sunday that she was accused of ‘conversion therapy’ and deemed a risk to her daughter.

She also discovered that teachers at the 14-year-old’s school had been referring to her by a male name, used male pronouns and had not informed her parents.

Conversion therapy

Lisa revealed that during an initial appointment, an NHS therapist told her daughter that she could take cross-sex hormones as soon as she turned sixteen.

When she tried to change therapist, Lisa was told that doing so was akin to “conversion therapy”.

Shortly after, she received a warning email from social services saying her daughter was deemed to be at risk, and she was later warned the girl could be placed in a “child protection plan”.

deemed to be at risk

She said: “I was reduced to tears because we were being treated like criminals when we were trying to protect our daughter”.

‘Sucked in’

Lisa said her daughter had been “sucked in” by social media websites “selling her a lie that there are young people born in the wrong body”.

She contacted a social worker to explain her concerns about the therapy, and the case was eventually closed by the local authority. The school has now returned to using the girl’s original name.

She said: “I’m furious at the way we’ve been treated. No family should be put through this”.

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