Mother refuses to abort child with life-limiting condition

A young mum from Northern Ireland has refused advice to abort her baby in the knowledge that the child is unlikely to survive outside the womb.

Erin O’Hara’s 20-week scan revealed that the baby she is carrying has anencephaly; a serious condition where there is very limited brain development and often the skull is missing.

When Erin was asked on two separate occasions to consider aborting the unborn girl she could not countenance doing so.

No decision

She shared how she was told by the doctor and ultrasound technician that mothers in her situation have gone on to have abortions.

Abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland, but the 24-year-old mum was told to take unborn baby Freya to be aborted in England.

Erin said: “There was no decision to make.”

“We want this wee baby more than anything in the world and we will love this wee baby, no matter what.”

She concluded, “It’s not only my pregnancy, it’s Freya’s and her daddy’s too.”

Choose life

Erin, and Freya’s father Jamie, have drawn support from Every Life Counts, a Dublin-based charity that helps parents of children who have been diagnosed with terminal conditions.

The young parents have also received support from others in Northern Ireland who have heard their story.

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