Morning-after pills sold in university vending machines

A new vending machine selling the morning-after pill Plan B will be installed on the campus of the prestigious Yale University.

The machine with the Plan B pill is to be placed on campus at the Ivy League college in the run-up to Christmas in an effort to make the drug “more accessible”.

Critics have said that the move will promote promiscuity and make students less safe.


The vending machine, which also supplies condoms, was proposed by a student who said that unprotected sex was becoming increasingly common on campus.

A Yale representative said: “The point of this is to make Plan B more accessible”.

But the Family Institute of Connecticut criticised the college for showcasing the machine as offering ‘emergency contraception’ without warning women that the pills may cause abortions, rather than prevent them.

The US Food and Drug Administration’s online guide to birth control states that Plan B may kill an unborn child “by preventing attachment (implantation) to the womb”.

Unsafe sex

Breitbart’s Dr Susan Berry argued that data on sexually transmitted diseases shows America’s accessible ‘safe’ sex trend is leaving young people far less safe.

Similar Plan B vending machines have been installed at several other US higher education institutions.

Elizabeth Johnston, a writer for Activist Mommy blog, said that rather than hoping their children “engage in casual sex”, parents send their children to the top Ivy League school to “lay the path for a successful and bright career”.

UK online pharmacy, Chemist 4 U, has cut the price of morning-after pills which critics say gives the green light to promiscuity during the Christmas period.

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