‘Missing Planned Parenthood abortion quota leads to sack’

“People get fired” at US abortion giant Planned Parenthood if abortion quotas are not met, a former employee has said.

Abby Johnson was a clinic director at Planned Parenthood and worked for the company for eight years – before leaving and becoming a pro-life advocate.

Speaking to The Christian Post, Johnson said the abortion quotas lead to “coercion and manipulation” in abortion facilities.

‘Product to sell’

Johnson said abortion is Planned Parenthood’s “product to sell” and every service it offers “leads back to abortion”.

She also challenged the idea that it wants to reduce abortion rates: “If they wanted to reduce the abortion rates, they wouldn’t impose abortion quotas inside their facilities – a certain number of abortions that abortion clinic has to sell”.

Johnson said: “They will fire employees and there are monetary bonuses for directors if you meet your quota”, adding: “If you don’t meet your quota, people get fired and you don’t get your big bonus.”

“In our facilities, we lost 5 percent of our workforce because, overall, our facilities were not meeting that quota”, she explained.

Planned Parenthood videos

Johnson left Planned Parenthood in 2009 and now runs a group that helps other people leave the abortion industry.

Last year, a number of videos were released appearing to show Planned Parenthood executives engaged in unethical behaviour.

In one, senior doctor Dr Deborah Nucatola was shown discussing the price of babies’ vital organs over lunch.

She said the Planned Parenthood centres wanted to provide tissue in a way that is “not perceived as”, “this clinic is making money off of this”.

Shut down

The number of abortion clinics in the United States has fallen rapidly recently, according to figures released earlier this year.

US media company Bloomberg reported that since 2011, 162 abortion clinics have been shut down across the country while 21 have opened.

The high number of closures is thought to be linked to the introduction of pro-life legislation in several states.

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