Miscarriage persuades US doctor of abortion harms

An American doctor who held pro-abortion views has shared how she has completely changed her mind, and why she is now a pro-life campaigner.

While she remembers “feeling very nauseated” after being shown how to carry out her first abortion during her university training, Dr Lori Buzzetti always believed it was right in certain circumstances.

But in a video for the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, she explained how the trauma of a miscarriage caused her to re-examine her outlook.


Dr Buzzetti began to question her support for abortion as she experienced personal grief following her miscarriage, saying: “I hadn’t let myself recognize my grief because of the following thought: ‘if life didn’t begin until the baby could sustain itself outside of the womb, why was I in so much pain?'”

The doctor said it was at this point her pro-choice stance “started to crack”.

She continued: “As I continued on in my practice, I was given a new set of eyes with these revelations and I began seeing the brokenness that these terminations were causing.”

Both lives matter

Dr Buzzetti now believes it’s time for members of her profession “to stop being complacent and allowing these babies to be disregarded”.

She continued: “When we completed our medical training, we took an oath to do no harm and in what I have seen there are two of our patients that are suffering when we allow elective terminations.

there are two of our patients that are suffering when we allow elective terminations

“It’s time for us to really take a hard look at what our profession is doing and advocate for our patients’ health and well-being.”

Christian hope

Dr Buzzetti is the founder and president of So Big – a Christian charity that helps mothers facing an unexpected pregnancy to choose life for their unborn child by providing shelter, education and support through its maternity home in Indianapolis.

The home was opened to help women who might think that abortion is their “only option”.

She said: “At the Mountain House Maternity home, we provide a home for up to four pregnant women and their families.

“While living at the house, these women have opportunities to acquire life skills, further their education and employment, and learn more about Jesus.”

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