Miliband: AV would boost ‘progressives’

A yes vote in the Alternative Vote referendum would help ‘progressive’ parties get elected, Labour leader Ed Miliband has said.

Progressives tend to be socially liberal on issues like abortion, marriage, feminism and homosexual activism.

A national referendum on adopting the Alternative Vote system for Westminster Parliamentary elections takes place on 5 May.


In a speech backing the Yes campaign, Mr Miliband enthused that the Alternative Vote system would favour progressive parties.

Groups such as Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, Liberal Judaism and Ekklesia have been called ‘progressive’ faith groups.

In 2008 a Sky News journalist said The Christian Institute struggles for fair coverage in the media because of the ‘progressive’ bias of journalists.


David Blevins, a former Washington correspondent for Sky News, said the ideology of most journalists “could be loosely defined as ‘progress will one day meet our needs.'”

He said religion is viewed as “regressive”. He added: “Organisations like Evangelical Alliance and The Christian Institute face an uphill struggle to change that perception.”

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