Michigan Bill prevents the use of tax money for abortions

The US state of Michigan has passed a Bill which prevents taxpayers’ money being used to fund abortions.

If it becomes law, pro-abortion organisations like Planned Parenthood would not be eligible for funding by the state.

The move comes as California is proposing to ensure that churches and religious organisations do not have to offer abortion coverage as part of healthcare.


An amendment was passed as part of the state budget in Michigan’s House of Representatives at the end of April.

It prevents the state from contracting “with an organization which provides elective abortions, abortion counseling or abortion referrals”.

The amendment was included after concerns were raised by multiple members of the House that state money could end up going to Planned Parenthood.

For the amendment to become law, the Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder must give his final approval to the state budget.

Rights of religious groups

In California, a recent directive by the California Department of Managed Health Care would force all faith-based organisations to fund abortions for their employees as part of healthcare.

However, a Bill has been put forward which seeks to uphold the right of churches and religious groups not to fund abortions.

Religious liberty group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which supports the Bill, testified before the California State Assembly’s Committee on Health last month.

Violating’ beliefs

Spokesman for ADF Casey Mattox said: “Churches and other religious employers should not be coerced by the government into violating their fundamental beliefs by being party to elective abortion”.

He continued: “California is blatantly ignoring federal law and pushing its abortion ideology on citizens while still receiving taxpayer money.”

Officials have not yet indicated when the proposal will be voted on.

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