Mermaids employee posted sexual image of himself dressed as schoolgirl

Criticism continues to pile on controversial pro-trans group Mermaids after it was revealed it employed a man who had posed for highly sexualised photographs and posted them online.

Darren Mew posted an upskirt picture of himself on Instagram with the caption: “Sorry I can’t hear you. I’m just out here living my fantasy” alongside the hashtag #nonbinaryfinery.

He also posed for extremely explicit photographs featuring full-frontal and rear nudity for LGBT publication Haus Magazine as part of a ‘sex collage’.

‘Sexualised little girl’

In calling for an investigation into the charity, which is now underway, a concerned parent reported the images to the Charity Commission.

The parent said that in the image for the collage, Mew was “seemingly hairless like a young boy…” and expressed concern that the graphic “clearly presents the imagery of amputated breasts”.

They added: “In another Darren wears a Hentai style schoolgirl skirt and adopts a provocative pose and appears to be broadcasting sexualised little girl vibes.”

Contact with young people

Until earlier this week, Mew, a former writer for gay lifestyle magazine Attitude, identified himself on LinkedIn as a Digital Engagement Officer for Mermaids.

The role involves working across the organisation’s website, social media channels and forums, as well as working to “build and maintain relationships with influencers”, while the job description lists “experience working with young people” as desirable. The Times reports that part of his role “could involve attending residential weekends”.

The revelations provoked outcry online, with parents’ group Transgender Trend writing: “Mermaids’ approach to safeguarding has exposed children to many harms, to experimental drugs, to irreversible surgery. How much more evidence do we need that this discredited charity should be closed down?”

‘Disregarding child safety’

It comes in the wake of the resignation of Mermaids Trustee Dr Jacob Breslow, who in 2011 delivered a paper that attempted to normalise sexual acts with children.

Mermaids claims it has been the victim of a smear campaign, but feminist writer Dr Julie Bindel said the charity’s appointment of Dr Breslow further illustrates its “history of disregarding the safety of children — and promoting an ideology that sexualises them”.

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