Marmite donating thousands to homosexual lobby group

Marmite has sparked criticism for launching a “spread love not hate” jar with a percentage of proceeds going to Stonewall.

The Unilever-owned brand is donating up to £5,000 to the organisation.

On Twitter, one user asked “Why is it deemed as hate to have a different opinion”, while a Christian Institute supporter expressed his objection to the “insinuation” that he was spreading hate.

‘Rainbow jar’

The Anglo-Dutch conglomerate will give 25p to the homosexual lobby group with every £5.49 purchase of its limited edition “Rainbow jar”.

Users are encouraged to personalise the jar to “spread the LGBTQ+ love”.

In 2017, Dove – which is also owned by Unilever – included a man in its “Real mom” advert.

The cosmetics brand claimed that the advert “shatters stereotypes about motherhood”.

And in March last year, a Unilever advert promoting same-sex marriage was cleared for broadcast, despite being aired in Australia when marriage was solely for heterosexual couples.

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