Manchester students told to ‘get raped’ for pro-life beliefs

Pro-life students at the University of Manchester have been egged, spat at and told they should be raped during one of their first meetings as a society.

Manchester Pro-Life Society was forced to move location three times to complete its presentation, as hundreds of activists shouting chants such as “stay in there and die” and “you should be aborted” failed to shut down the event.

When the society was first formed in January, it received messages accusing its members of being “disgusting” and “horrible”.

Rape threats

Committee member Inge, who attended the event, said: “I joined the pro-life society because I believe that women deserve better than abortion, and that society can do far more to support both lives in every pregnancy.”

“It’s unthinkable that at a university – where we are meant to discuss and debate important ideas about life and society – my peers and I have been threatened, spat on, barricaded and wished death upon simply for our peaceful beliefs.

women deserve better than abortion

“Some students even said they hoped I would be raped.”


A University spokesperson admitted that “there were instances of serious disruption and intimidation at this event”.

Responding to pressure to shut down the society before the event, the University’s Students’ Union said “it’s not possible to stop a society from affiliating for their legal views that are contrary to the views of other students.

“That means, despite concerns over student safety, the students’ union can’t block a society from forming because of their beliefs.”

Right To Life UK spokeswoman Catherine Robinson stated: “These students should be allowed to discuss serious moral issues like abortion free from such vile verbal threats and physical intimidation.”

Free speech

Last year, the Office for Students committed to protecting the free speech of students, staff and visitors as it published proposals for a ‘free speech complaints scheme’.

The scheme will allow those whose lawful free speech has been stifled or restricted on English campuses to “seek redress for any loss they have suffered as a result”.

The Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Act, which became law in May, puts a duty on universities in England to “actively promote” free speech.

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