Madonna’s daughter, 14, launches make-up range

Pop star Madonna’s daughter has launched a ‘beauty line’ at the age of 14, it has been revealed.

Lourdes Leon’s new make-up venture is likely to add concerns about the sexualisation and commercialisation of childhood.

Already, concerns have been raised that Miss Leon, known as ‘Lola’, is “prematurely experimenting with adulthood”.

Adult look

The 14-year-old entered the fashion world last year, when she introduced a clothing collection.

‘Lola’ displayed a very adult look at the launch of her Material Girl Beauty range in New York City on 2 August.

The range’s name comes from one of Madonna’s early chart successes, which recounts the singer’s materialistic desire only to consider wealthy men, including the line: “Experience has made me rich and now they’re after me”.


This time last year, top music producer Mike Stock criticised the teenager’s new clothing range, featuring short skirts and slashed tops.

Mr Stock, who was one third of the well-known Stock Aitken Waterman pop music production team, warned that many mothers are concerned about the pressure to wear such clothes and make-up at an early age.

Earlier this year, a Daily Mail investigation discovered companies up and down the country advertising services for beauty products and “pamper parties” to children, some not even of primary school age.

Critics expressed concern about the activities, with one warning such parties could give “girls an image of themselves which is based solely around their physical appearance”.


The newspaper’s findings were met with concern from Reg Bailey, chief executive of the Mothers’ Union and the man in charge of a Government-backed review into the sexualisation of childhood.

Mr Bailey also commented that parents “need to give our children a sense of confidence and meaning to their lives which is not just simply about how you look and what you own”.

He added: “The saddest thing to me, as a parent, is what this is saying to children – that they only see themselves as needing to look pretty.”

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