‘Lord Carey’s assisted suicide stance is unbiblical’

Lord Carey’s support for assisted suicide is a “reversal of biblical principles”, a Christian pro-life group has warned.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury reiterated his stance in a video for the campaign group Dignity in Dying – previously called the Voluntary Euthanasia Society.

He claimed it was a “profoundly Christian and moral thing” to introduce assisted suicide, but CARE’s Chief Executive Nola Leach said it was time to reaffirm the Christian world-view.


In her strong rebuttal of Lord Carey’s comments, Leach said “the trust and the beauty of non-reciprocal relationships” are destroyed by legalising assisted suicide.

Thinking particularly of babies and older people, she said: “At all stages of our lives, humans are never the independent free-minded individuals that we like to think we are.

“Whether we like it or not, being a burden upon one another is actually how God intended us to operate.”

Leach continued: “When babies are born they are a helpless burden upon their parents: They do not wash the dishes or provide stimulating conversation to engage their older relatives, and yet a father or mother cradling a child is one of the most beautiful images this world has to offer; a relationship entirely dependent and utterly compelling.”


MPs are set to vote on Rob Marris’ assisted suicide Bill on 11 September, and Lord Carey’s comments come as part of an orchestrated campaign to change the law.

The former Archbishop claimed it would be possible to construct a watertight law that would not lead to unintended consequences.

“In my view it is a profoundly Christian and moral thing to devise a law that enables people if they so choose to end their lives with dignity”, he said.

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