Longest marriage ends as husband dies at 101

Frank Milford, whose 81-year marriage to his wife Anita was the longest in Britain, has died aged 101, holding her hand.

The couple were married in 1928, and had two children, five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

They said the secret of their marriage was “a little argument every day” but also “sharing a kiss every night before bed”.

Mr Milford’s 76-year-old son, also called Frank, told the BBC that Mrs Milford was “very upset obviously, but she was sitting holding his hand when he passed away.

“For the past three weeks or so he hasn’t been eating or drinking and I think we all realised he was ready to die. He knew it was his time and I think he simply died of old age.”

He told a newspaper: “Their marriage was so long and happy and that is what is really heart-warming at the moment.”

Mr Milford said his father had remained “as sharp as a tack” up until his death, and never lost his sense of humour.

The Milfords spent their entire married life in Plymouth, remaining in the town during World War Two and surviving two bombs, one of which fell on their home.

They were the longest living married couple in Britain, and next February they would have broken the all-time record.

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