London council to only hire pro-LGBT businesses

A London council is refusing to work with companies that do not promote gender ideology.

According to documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests, Camden Council said it made the decision in order to “work with businesses whose values align with our own, and to use our position of power to positively influence”.

It stated: “We are beginning to ask businesses to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTQ+ equality before we procure them”.


Camden has also introduced ‘transgender awareness’ sessions and partnered with controversial LGBT lobby group Stonewall.

In addition, the Council reportedly uses an ‘inclusion calendar’ to celebrate dates such as Transgender Day of Remembrance and Bi Visibility Day.

Following the revelations, a spokesman for Camden Council stated: “We are proud of our work on equalities and inclusion”.

‘Erasing women’

Last year, Somerset Council removed any reference to women or mothers from a document on pregnancy and maternity.

In the name of ‘inclusivity’, Somerset Council ditched feminine nouns and pronouns for gender-neutral terms throughout its New and Expectant Parents Policy.

But Claire Loneragan of the Women’s Rights Network said: “Replacing the word ‘mother’ with ‘parent’ is not neutral. It changes the scope of the policy to include men” and effectively “writes women out of our own life experiences”.

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