Living Christianity: New Christian Institute Bible study series goes on sale

A new five-part course, produced by The Christian Institute, examining what it means to live as a Christian in today’s world is now on sale.

Living Christianity DVDs and study materials are available now from and online versions are on sale at

William Philip, Senior Minister of the Tron Church Glasgow, called Living Christianity “a superb resource for churches serious about making not just converts, but real disciples who shine as lights in a dark world”.


The course is suitable to use one-to-one, or in church and home study groups.

It is fronted by prolific writer Dr Chris Sinkinson who also lectures in Christian Doctrine and Apologetics at Moorlands College.

Additional contributions come throughout the series from the Director of UCCF, Richard Cunningham, Christian conference speaker Caz Dodds, Rev Pete Nicholas, a pastor at Inspire Saint James, Clerkenwell and the evangelist Michael Ots.

There isn’t a separation between our ‘Christian life’ and the rest of our life.

Ciarán Kelly

Richard Cunningham says the key purpose of the series “is to equip the Church, to help its young people, its students, all of us taking our place in wider society, to live the whole of life for God and to his glory”.


Filmed on location in London, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, its analysis and study materials combine to provide a compelling biblical worldview.

The Christian Institute’s Ciarán Kelly, one of the team behind Living Christianity, said the series celebrates the truth that following Christ transforms all aspects of the believer’s life.

“The course is about having a biblical worldview for everything we do. There isn’t a separation between our ‘Christian life’ and the rest of our life.”


He said biblical understanding on key issues such as marriage and the family is “increasingly being pushed out”.

But “Jesus is Lord in all these areas and there is a pressing need for Christians to publicly engage with them”.

Mr Kelly added that Christians should work to “protect and develop laws which reflect God’s values – for the good of all”.

“Our prayer is that through the course, Christians become better equipped to live out lives of faith at all times and in all places.”

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