Library won’t let church put up ‘craft fair’ poster

A Sunday school teacher has been told she can’t put up a poster at her local library to advertise a church children’s event because it ‘promotes religion’.

Jacalyn Oghan’s poster invited children of any faith to “come along and have fun” at the craft, singing and drama day at her church.

But staff at Jubilee Library in Brighton banned the poster because of its religious content, despite the library selling sweets that were “clearly poking fun at Christianity”.

The Messiah Mints have a picture of Jesus on the tin and the slogan: “Here’s that Jesus fella again – and this time he’s spreading minty freshness into the mouths of the masses.”

Mrs Oghan commented: “They said they couldn’t put up my poster because it was not in their guidelines.

“How they can get away selling the mints in the shop when I’m not allowed to give out inoffensive leaflets I do not know.

“They clearly take the mickey out of Christianity. I’m not offended but was angry that they were allowed to sell these mints for a profit.”

Brighton and Hove Council said: “In the interests of fairness, we have very clear and strict guidelines for displaying information in the library and we do not accept any material promoting a particular religious view point.

“No material that has any political, philosophical or religious view point is displayed.”

“With regards to the mints, these are one of a series of tinned mints sold in the shop. The labelling is not meant to offend.”

Mrs Oghan said: “Anyone in the community, of whatever faith, should be able to put up a poster in their local library so that people know what is going on.”

She added: “Many Christians in the community are already too frightened to speak up.

“I was made to feel as if my poster was somehow offensive or dangerous.”

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