Lib Dems call for end of ‘male’ and ‘female’ on official forms

‘Male’ and ‘female’ should be removed from official forms in order to “cut discrimination against transgender and intersex people”, the Liberal Democrats have said.

The Lib Dems backed the idea at their national conference, and it becomes official party policy.

Another aspect of the wide-ranging policy calls for the Government to recognise and observe Bisexual Visibility Day.

Block puberty

Under the Transgender and Intersex Health Charter, the terms ‘male’ and ‘female’ would be phased out “unless it is absolutely necessary”.

On forms that maintain ‘male’ and ‘female’, the Lib Dems said ‘X’ and ‘Mx’ should also feature as options.

In the vote at the Party’s conference in Bournemouth, members also backed transsexual and “gender-variant” children receiving drugs to block puberty “until they are eligible for hormone replacement therapy”.


Earlier this year, a man who underwent a sex change only to have it subsequently reversed warned that surgeons are too quick to operate in cases like his.

Walt Heyer now advises people who want to have a sex change that their issue is psychological.

Heyer, from Los Angeles, was married with two children before he had surgery to look like a woman in the 1980s.

He lived as a woman for eight years, before having the change reversed.