Lib Dem leadership hopeful vows to push LGBT agenda

A prospective leader of the Liberal Democrat Party has said that he would “go much further” in pushing for LGBT rights in the UK.

Former Health Minister Norman Lamb feels that a range of additional measures should be adopted in the legal system and in education for LGBT people.

He set out his ideas in a guest article for homosexual news website PinkNews.

Compulsory sex-ed

Lamb claimed that “we must go much further” in what he called the “fight for equality” by allowing heterosexual couples to enter civil partnerships.

He also argued for the introduction of new rights for cohabiting couples and ‘gender neutral’ passports.

On education, the MP said: “We must make sure every part of government – especially schools and local authorities, are promoting the total equality of same sex attraction, relationships and, yes, sex.”

Adding: “We must have compulsory sex and relationships education in all state schools, including faith schools”.

TV action

Lamb went on to complain about a lack of same-sex couples on children’s television. He said: “I have written to the heads of the main TV channels demanding action.”

He concluded that under his leadership, the “Liberal Democrats will lead the way” for LGBT rights in Britain.

Last month, another contender for the Lib Dem leadership position gave his support to homosexual rights and compulsory sex education and said that he would rather church schools did not exist.

No church schools

Tim Farron MP said “if we were starting from scratch, I would not have church schools, but we are where we are”.

He said faith schools “should be able to practise their ethos”, but that there was a “real tension” on the issue.

Tim Farron and Norman Lamb are competing to succeed former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

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