Lib Dem leader Cable pushes for cannabis legalisation

The Liberal Democrats will continue to push for the legalisation of cannabis, new leader Sir Vince Cable has said.

He claimed that by legalising the Class B drug, criminals would be less able to “control the mixing of substances”.

The Conservative Government says it has “no plans to legalise cannabis”, adding that there is “clear scientific and medical evidence that cannabis is a harmful drug”.


The Liberal Democrats’ leader recommits them to their 2017 General Election manifesto promise to legalise and control the drug, claiming it would “protect young people”.

Cable acknowledged some dangers of cannabis, saying: “You get toxic varieties like skunk that have the effect of creating psychotic disorders among their users”.

Rather than backing the enforcement of current drug laws, however, he argued to “regulate and control the market”.

At the same time, he also said he did not want to promote drug use.

‘Monumental mistake’

But Prime Minister Theresa May told the BBC: “We can see the damage caused to young people of taking of drugs”.

She added: “Our drug strategy is all about recovery and helping people to come through this and see a better life.”

In May, NHS psychiatrist and newspaper columnist Dr Max Pemberton argued passionately against the legalisation of cannabis, which he said “wrecks lives”.

And in June, a report by think-tank The Bow Group warned that cannabis is a “hugely damaging drug that causes misery”, adding that legalisation would be “a monumental mistake.”

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