‘LGBT bingo’ homework project for kids developed

A homework project which asks pupils to look out for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) characters in TV shows has been criticised by campaigners.

The project includes a bingo style game where children are asked to cross off squares when they come across a LGBT character or reference.

The game encourages children as young as eleven to analyse how the media portrays same-sex relationships.


It is part of a series of teaching resources developed by the Sex Education Forum, which lobbies for compulsory sex education in all schools.

The Forum launched the game in its latest e-magazine for teachers in primary and secondary schools, which focuses heavily on LGBT issues.

The bingo game came under fire from campaigners who dubbed it an ‘inappropriate’ homework topic.


Norman Wells, Director of the Family Education Trust said: “This activity encourages pupils to focus on sexual characteristics and behaviour to the exclusion of everything else.

“It also gives disproportionate attention to lifestyles and sexual feelings which are very much in the minority.”

Wells stressed that the project would not be supported by many parents as it promotes an “unhealthy obsession with sex”.


Lucy Emmerson, coordinator of the Sex Education Forum, said: “Young people have repeatedly said that discussion about same-sex relationships and transgender people is often completely absent in school”.

She argued that getting “pupils to think about characters they know from soaps, TV and films is a useful way to open up discussion”.

Her comments come after calls to put pro-gay storybooks into all preschools by homosexual lobby group Stonewall earlier this month.

Radical’ campaign

In what she described as a “radical” campaign, head of Stonewall Ruth Hunt said “a suite of books that celebrates difference in all its forms” could be commissioned by the group for under-fives.

Speaking to The Independent, Hunt claimed: “Loads of kids these days have two mums or two dads – or at least gay uncles and aunts”.

Hunt was announced as Chief Executive at the end of July, having previously been Deputy Chief Executive. She lives with her civil partner in London.

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