Let Royal heirs enter into gay partnerships

Heirs to the British throne should be allowed to form homosexual civil partnerships and become joint monarchs, says the ‘gay rights’ group, Stonewall.

Stonewall’s demand follows news that the Government intends to change laws which determine the succession to the throne.

Stonewall’s chief executive, Ben Summerskill, wants to see the law changed to allow future generations of royals to take part in civil partnerships without forfeiting their right to inherit the throne.

Mr Summerskill argues that the homosexual civil partner of a royal should inherit equally with them, becoming joint monarch.

“I have little doubt that in 21st and 22nd Century Britain the public will judge the quality of their monarch by much more than their sexual orientation,” Mr Summerskill is reported as saying.

He said the issue should be debated now before a real situation arose.

Suggestions to reform the Act of Settlement include scrapping the rule which stops an heir to the throne from marrying a Roman Catholic.

Commentators say this would open “a can of ecclesiastical worms” for the Church of England.

As the monarch is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England such a move could pave the way for disestablishment.