Lesbians challenge Stonewall over support for ‘trans ideology’

LGBT campaign group Stonewall is under fire from within its own quarter, with over 100 lesbian campaigners objecting to its support for radical transsexual ideas.

Lesbian Rights Alliance (LRA) published the open letter in the days after lesbians marched at the front of Pride in London to decry the idea that men can become women.

The 135 signatories wrote that Stonewall backs the concept of male-bodied people being lesbian, and refuses to allow any debate on the issue.


Following the controversy over the march, Stonewall chief Ruth Hunt said she ‘condemned in the strongest terms’ its critics and claimed they had “no place” at the march.

Stonewall only began campaigning on transsexualism in 2015 after being accused of ignoring transsexuals and now is vocal on the subject.

LRA said the group’s “single-minded campaign to promote the trans political and ideological agenda” excludes lesbians.

No representation

The LRA added that, despite Stonewall’s £7 million annual income, lesbian-only groups are not supported by the national organisation.

…single-minded campaign to promote the trans political and ideological agenda.

Lesbian campaigners on Stonewall

“It is clear that being ‘stronger together’ in Stonewall does not include lesbians.

“So we urge you to stop claiming to represent us”.


At the London event earlier this month, campaigners held banners such as “lesbian = female homosexual”.

The women stepped out ahead of the official Pride in London march and distributed flyers which criticised “Trans politics”.

In response, Pride parade accused them of showing a “level of bigotry, ignorance and hate that is unacceptable”.

Transsexual consultation

In recent days the Government has launched a 16-week consultation on the Gender Recognition Act which could see safeguards for legally changing sex removed.

Currently, it is necessary to have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and to have lived as if a member of the opposite sex for two years.

But Theresa May has indicated her support for ‘self-declaration’ – where a man can legally change sex simply by saying he is a woman, and vice versa.

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