‘Legislators abroad reject assisted suicide, so should we’

Legislators across the world are rejecting assisted suicide and MPs must do the same in Westminster next Friday.

This is according to Rob Flello, the Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent South, in an article for the Huffington Post.

“Earlier this year, the Scottish Parliament voted down an assisted dying bill. Last year, the Welsh Assembly rejected a similar motion. Twenty-five attempts to introduce assisted suicide in U.S. States in the past year have been tried, and all have failed.”

Profound danger

The MP also pointed out that, “in the UK all the leading disability and elderly campaigning groups – Scope, Disability Rights UK, the British Geriatric Society, and others – oppose assisted suicide.

“As do the Royal Colleges of Physicians, General Practitioners and Surgeons, and the British Medical Association, which recently rejected motions to adopt a neutral position on this subject.”

a profound danger to the most vulnerable members of our society.


But she argued that: “Many, if not all, of the factors that drive a person to despair can be alleviated by loving and expert support from friends, clergy and social care staff.”

She concluded: “We all have a responsibility to ensure that doctors and health workers are not permitted to kill their patients, or to assist patients to kill themselves.”

Labour MP Rob Marris’ assisted suicide Bill will be debated next Friday, the 11th of September.

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