Leak uncovers Govt minister’s concerns about gay marriage

A Government minister has raised concerns about “unintended consequences” if same-sex marriage is forced into law – in a letter leaked to a national newspaper.

Baroness Warsi, the Minister for Faith and Communities, wrote to Maria Miller, who is in charge of the plans on same-sex marriage for the Government.

In the letter, which was leaked to the Daily Mail, Lady Warsi raised the issue of how schools will be protected as well as questions surrounding religious liberty.


Writing about the plans to redefine marriage, she said: “As Minister for Faith and Communities I’m sure you will appreciate that I’ve received a large volume of calls in relation to this matter, predominantly seeking assurance about a number of aspects of the policy that have been discussed in the press.

“Concerns have also been raised about the unintended consequences that may arise from any proposed legislation.

“I’d be really grateful for some clarity on the questions below.”


She then laid out concerns about protecting religious freedom, and what “consideration has been given to the teaching of equal marriage in schools”.

Coalition for Marriage (C4M), the group which has been leading the opposition to same-sex marriage, welcomed Lady Warsi’s comments.

Colin Hart, Campaign Director of C4M, said: “Baroness Warsi is absolutely right when she highlights that the Government has failed to even pretend to try to protect teachers and other public sector workers from the effects of their gay marriage proposals.

“Only a couple of weeks ago, an education minister admitted that the Government still hasn’t a clue on the effects of their policy on teachers, schools and parents who hold traditional views on marriage. How many more months do they need?”

Lady Warsi has made no comment to the media.

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