Lap-dance discount in Tory conference pack

A £10-off lap-dancing voucher has been included in delegate’s packs for the Conservative Party conference.

The conference organisers have blamed the voucher on the marketing company that produced the packs.

However, the incident will be embarrassing for the party which has criticised the Government for making it easy for lap-dancing clubs to open.

The party’s Shadow Minister for Women, Theresa May MP, recently said that if the party were elected to Government they would toughen lap-dancing laws, giving local residents more of a say.

Academic research shows that lap-dancing clubs are linked to increased levels of sexual violence in the surrounding area, and can be used by human traffickers to groom victims for prostitution.

The lap-dancing club featured in the packs is called The Rocket Club, and describes itself as “an exclusive gentlemen’s entertainment venue”.

Its website says: “On any night we have up to 50 of the world’s most beautiful girls from around the world and the dancers that appear on stage are the very best on offer from all over the UK, Europe and the world.”

Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe told the Sunday Express: “I can hardly believe this is true.

“I know the Conservative Party is supposed to be modernising but do we have to throw every value out of the window?”