‘Kill Bill’ legalises euthanasia in New South Wales

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are now legal in the Australian State of New South Wales (NSW), after plans dubbed the ‘Kill Bill’ became law.

Under the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act, residents of the state who are over 18, have mental capacity, and are deemed to have less than six months to live, can get medical help to end their lives.

In Victoria, the first Australian state to enact legislation allowing assisted suicide, 306 people died by taking lethal drugs prescribed by a doctor between July 2022 and June 2023, up eleven per cent on the previous twelve months.


Greg Bondar, of Christian Voice Australia, branded the change in NSW law on 28 November “an outrageous attack on the sanctity of human life”.

“As a society, we should be seeking to enhance the care – especially palliative treatment – made available to those suffering terribly from illness and disease.”

“Instead”, he argued, ‘anti-life lobbyists wish to turn doctors into killers’ as he lamented the fact that “a handful of doctors have ‘trained up’ to be part of this ‘kill bill’ instead of saving lives”.

He added that “once any so-called ‘right-to-die’ is established” politicians will be under mounting pressure “to expand those who ‘qualify’ for killing procedures”.

British Isles

In October, politicians on the Isle of Man backed plans to allow doctors to prescribe or administer lethal drugs at the request of patients.

MHK Alex Allinson’s Assisted Dying Bill could see euthanasia and assisted suicide legalised on the Island as early as 2025.

Westminster MPs on Health and Social Care Committee are due to report the findings of their inquiry on assisted suicide and euthanasia in the coming months.

A debate is also expected in Holyrood on Liam McArthur MSP’s proposed Assisted Dying (Scotland) Bill in 2024.

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