Kids want more time with mum and dad, study shows

Nearly six in ten children want to see their parents more, a new survey has revealed.

Research shows 59% of youngsters wish they could spend more time with their mum and dad.

The study from the Family and Parenting Institute also shows that one in eight parents admitted to only giving their children their full attention “once or twice a week.”


Dr Katherine Rake, CEO of the Family and Parenting Institute, said: “Evidence shows children need dedicated time with their parents if they are to realise their potential.”

She added: “It is often the simple things that make a lasting impression on children.”

The survey questioned 255 boys and girls aged six to ten and one parent of each child.


Three in ten parents (31%) said they find it hardest to give their child their full attention at breakfast time, whilst one in six (16%) find it hard when they come home from school.

The Family and Parenting Institute is an independent charity which aims to make the UK a “better place for families and children.”

Recently, other research revealed that 75 per cent of new mothers would remain at home if money was no object.

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