Kids left ‘traumatised’ after US school conducts ‘transition ceremony’ for 5-year-old boy

Kids as young as five have been left “traumatised” after their California school held a “transition ceremony” for a 5-year-old boy to ‘become’ a girl.

As gender identity is not regarded as sex education under the state’s laws, Rocklin Academy did not inform parents or give them the right to withdraw their children before the incident took place.

Parents are reportedly considering legal action against the school.


In the UK, the Government is currently drawing up plans for compulsory Relationships Education in primary schools in England.

Although launched with the stated intention of teaching children about “building healthy relationships and staying safe”, ministers have already been lobbied to include LGBT issues in the lessons.

In the US class, a schoolteacher read from two books intended to promote transsexualism to children aged four to eight.


One described a girl who knew “from the time she was two years old”, that she was “in a boy’s body”.

The teacher went on to introduce a five-year-old boy in the class, who then changed clothes and emerged dressed as a girl.

The boy was declared a “girl” and children were instructed to refer to him by his chosen name and pronoun.


Following a backlash from parents, the school explained that the teacher had not been given permission by the school to read from the books.

Rocklin Academy’s principal issued a letter but it failed to include any mention of transsexualism and also claimed that the books were “age appropriate.”

Parents were only informed of the incident by their children, according to Jonathan Keller of the California Family Council. He added that a number of families have withdrawn their children from the school following the incident.

Keller said the incident had left a number of the class, “really deeply emotionally bothered and traumatized.”

Stonewall pressure

Following the announcement of the new sex education subject in the UK, The Christian Institute said the new teaching could “expose young children to concepts that they and their parents fundamentally disagree with for religious or philosophical reasons”.

Homosexual lobby group Stonewall has already said it will be pressing the Government to ensure LGBT issues are “reflected in updated guidance for schools”.

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